Welcome to the design center! Below you can see some of our sample design work. If you are interested in having some design work done, please feel free to email us at or visit our contact page. We do offer packages such as our business package which comes with business cards, flyers, and a logo design. We have packages set up in two different ways; one format is the digital package which is just the design, our second format is the printed package which is the actual business cards, flyers, and such sent directly to your location. If you choose the digital package our designs will be emailed to you, from there you can take it to be printed wherever you choose. Any questions please feel free to email us! Thanks!

Power point

Binder front Cover

Main Graphic

MEGA Package


Business Package       

Presentation Package

Individually Designed

Business Card



  1. -Pick from one of our website packages and we design a professional website for YOUR company! Click here for the package details!

  1. -We design you a custom logo. *Available in Digital only.

  1. -We design you a custom Logo, Business  card, and flyer. *Available in Print or Digital

  Price varies for printed package. Email for price.

  1. -We design you a custom logo, Business card, Flyer, and Website. *Website would still be an annual $500.

  1. -We design you a custom Graphic, Binder Front Cover (Size: 8.5x11), and Power Point Graphic.

  1. -You pick which designs YOU want. Choose from a Powerpoint, Graphic, Binder Front Cover, Business Card, Flyer, Door hanger.